Hello and welcome to my web site. I am a Director with the Childbloom Guitar Program. We offer music lessons for children ages 5-12 in a low-pressure, fun, affordable group setting. We teach guitar to kids using a highly structured, proven program that gives them early success in making music, and gives them a lifetime of love for music. We use child-sized, nylon string guitars to minimize discomfort and encourage practice. Children learn finger-style guitar, initially playing by rote to learn proper posture and hand position, and then graduate to learning to read music for the guitar. We also teach children theory, chords and even the blues!

Lessons are weekly for 1/2 hour. Students learn at first by listening to a CD of the music, and then, using a simple guide, imitate what they hear. This is such a simple and effective method that they are making music in their first lesson! We emphasize that making music is fun! We play a lot of games that are designed to be fun, yet instructive.
  Parents are encouraged to attend lessons. Families also receive a monthly newsletter filled with valuable information about childhood development, and motivation. There are contests students can enter to win prizes for accomplishment. The Childbloom Guitar Program method is the most effective music teaching method for children ever devised! We have proven success with children as young as 5! And their success is unlimited, for as they grow and progress, they can join special guitar ensembles that explore more complex music for the guitar.
  From the very beginning, students are given the opportunity to perform in public. We hold free and voluntary recitals periodically where a group of students can receive recognition for their accomplishments and share their success with family, friends and their community. We also form special ensembles around the holidays in which students can perform beloved holiday favorites and Christmas carols. 
  Please contact me for any further information you would like. You can email me using the link below, or call me at (208) 290-2632. Sample lessons are available. Private lessons are also available if desired, for an additional charge. Click the "Teaching" link above to see details about enrollment and cost. .